09 March, 2011

Nadia Plesner vs Louis Vuitton

She did it Again! Read below second attempt of Nadia Plesner... that´s a  chick on a Mission..

Darfurnica is the exact same size as Guernica: 350 * 776 cm.

My latest work, Darfurnica, is a modern version of Picasso's Guernica. In our time, the boundaries between the editorial and advertising departments in the media are disappearing and entertainment stories about the lives of Hollywood celebrities have become breaking news. Apparantly a genocide in Darfur can be happening RIGHT NOW without being important enough to make headlines. This is unacceptable and I refuse to turn the blind eye to what is happening.
In Darfurnica I have mixed some of the horrible stories I have learned about Darfur over the past years with some of the Hollywood gossip stories which made headlines during the same time period.

In collaboration with ARTMANIPULATOR, my first solo exhibition, INTERVENTION, took place in the Odd fellow Palace in Copenhagen from January 7th until February 4th, 2011. It consisted of Darfurnica and FORBES/DARFUR, a series of drawn portraits of the most and least influential people in 2009. The most influential are based on the list "Forbes 100" and the least influential are portraits of children in Darfur. The show was opened by the Danish Culture Minister, Per Stig Møller, and was greatly visited, both at the opening day and throughout the month.


As I returned to Holland in the beginning of February, I had received a verdict in a new court case started by Louis Vuitton. They are very angry about the bag that the boy in the middle is carrying. They claim again that I infringe their design rights on the pattern used in their "audra" bag and they had the court in Hague put 5000 euro penalties for each day I continue to show this painting on my website or in galleries or anywhere else. They have been counting since January 28, so at the moment the amount is higher than 190.000 euros (!)

I only heard about this lawsuit when I received the verdict; I have therefore not been able to defend myself. This seems a clear violation of my freedom of speech and artistic freedom.
I have spent the past month searching for an attorney and I am now blessed to have the help from Jens van den Brink from the lawfirm Kennedy Van der Laan.
He has kindly agreed to start helping me but I need to find funds to defend myself and enable me to fend off fines Louis Vuitton may claim.


Any donations can be transferred to this Dutch account:

R.M. Keesom
Account nr: 1057.26.818


to this Danish account:

M. Engelbrecht
Reg. nr: 3306
Account nr: 4083473037
Iban nr: 9030004083473037

Please note, the accounts are not in my own name as I can risk to have my accounts seized by Louis Vuitton.


Next week we plan to start summary proceedings against LV to try to have the order lifted.
I can't believe that our world has come to a place where protection of design and copyrights apparently is more important than protection of human rights.
According to The Save Darfur Coalition, the last bombings of villages in Darfur took place no less than a few weeks ago, and 45.000 new refugees arrived in the Zamzam IDP Camp.
However - this is not something you hear in the media at all.

The story about Darfur must be told, and I believe I should have my artistic freedom of speech to do so.

As a part of my work with Darfur I have initiated shipments of medical help to Darfur. You can read more about it and support the project here:

First Attempt in 2008

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