30 March, 2011

Miffy à la mode

You remember Miffy don´t ya? Or Nijntje for all the dutchies. The cute lil´rabbit created by Dick Bruna, well she´s getting some new clothes. 15 Fashion Designers have created a high fashion-look for the Miffy goes Fashion exhibition in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Here a quick preview. Photos by Adriaan van Dam.

Clements Ribeiro

Japanese designer Anrealage

Melody Deldjou Fard

29 March, 2011

F for Fashion: The Vamoose

Jessica Stam photographed by Will Davidson for RUSSH Magazine/ The Vamoose bracelet

Last week I had a post about chunky ass statement jewellery, I must say that this is the complete opposite. The jewellery of The Vamoose are delicate and fragile-looking but are definitely bringing the statement part. And unlike the others they are very much affordable!
It's romantic, sophisticated and oh so feminine. Take a quick look at a few of my favourites.

Heritage: House of Patou

House of patou, Vogue Paris 1955


Jean Patou

In 1912 he opened a small dressmaking salon called "Maison Parry". His entire 1914 collection was purchased by a single American buyer.Patou's work was interrupted by World War I. Reopening his couture house in 1919, he became known for eradicating the flapper look by lengthening the skirt and introducing sportswear for women, and is considered the inventor of the knitted swimwear and the tennis skirt. He, notably, designed the then-daring sleeveless and thigh-length cut tennis wear for Suzanne Lenglen. He also was the first designer to popularize the cardigan, and moved fashion towards the natural and comfortable.
Jean Patou invented the designer tie in the 1920s. He used women's dress material for his ties and they were displayed in department stores next to women's perfume counter. In 1928, Jean Patou created "Huile de Chaldée", the first sun tan oil.
The House of Patou survived through its perfumes, which remain well known today.The best known of Patou's perfumes is "Joy," a heavy floral scent, based on the most precious rose and jasmine.
Quick summary from Wiki, wanna read more?

 Young Blood

Rosemary Masic

Nevenka SS 11 Collection

As a trained patternmaker Rosemary Masic takes inspiration from her Eastern European heritage to create exquisite new embellishments for each collection.
Nevenka, named after Rosemary's mother, is a feminine fusion of delicate dresses and multicolored prints. The style is a mix of past and present, confident, passionate and unique.  Launched in 2006, the brand's signature blend of bohemian chic has earned it a worldwide following, with A-list fans including Charlize Theron.  wanna see more..

28 March, 2011

If I had a minute to spare...

I would say..Thank you guys for following me on Fashiolista and my blog!


27 March, 2011

Item de LVSYL

I started this top with the idea of doing something romantic and feminine. The result is a asymmetric piece, with one sleeve, strapps at the other side and a asymmetric hemline. Exually come to think of it, nothing is symmetric in this top, and that´s why I like it! The only two things that makes this top one, are the color and the sheer frabic.
I love it  because it´s unexpected. I´ll be wearing it the coming week so you´ll get a better picture! Ciao

25 March, 2011


Quote for the weekend; 

24 March, 2011


Church & Herve Leger SS ´11

Inspired by Style

Blouse Lanvin, Earrings Ylang23, Dress Rare, Blazer Givenchy, Harem Pant Oyster, Clutch PS11, Platform Sandals Alexander Mcqueen, Skirt Matthew Williamson, Flower Cuff Dia Boutique

My FF´s

So in my search for Fashiolista Finds I struck upon a site I haven´t seen before! And I´m amazed.. So much CHUNKY ASS STATEMENT JEWELRY in one place, I had to share.. Take a look at my favourite picks and don´t be surprised cause it´s not cheap but still good for the inspiration no.. X

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!

Love it!

23 March, 2011

Get the steppin´

Jacket G-Star, Blouse Zara, Jeans We Are Replay, Earrings Accessorize and of course ma petite chéri Chloé

Some Military print items for inspiration


Cara Accessories

22 March, 2011

F for Fashion

Vogue Italia & Carvela Kuchina open toe wedge sandal

20 March, 2011

Style de LVSYL

Hey you! Today was a pretty day in Munich so we decided to do some sightseeing. Bikerjacket Guess by Marciano, Jeans en Platforms Guess and Blouse Zara. And last but not least my experiment; the triangle clutch de LVSYL.
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