12 February, 2011

München: Dear,

I have a question. Who does the styling for VIVA? Today I´m watching the charts and it strucked me again how it could be that Palina Rojinksi´s outfit is styled? She has orange hair, thats cool, but the orange hairband, the orange blouse, the gypsy bracelets plus earrings and last but not least the orange cheeks, is exaggerated. I mean come on. I had to check twice just to see if it´s for real. And could Ms. Fernandes wear her cognac pumps just ones a week? Don´t get me wrong I´m a huge fan of Viva, that´s why it irritates me so much. Viva stands for the spot where you can find the hottest new tracks, could this please also mean for fashion. I´m sorry for my boldness but I just had to speak my mind.

Thank you for reading,



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