28 February, 2011

F for Fashion

24 February, 2011


plz pretty plz remake it

It was March 16th, 1981, one year after the introduction of the Pentax LX. The ten-millionth Pentax SLR camera, an LX, came out of AOC’s main plant in Mashiko and was given to the chief designer, then chairman of Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd. Minoru Suzuki. In order to celebrate this 10 million event, on August 25th, 1981 a limited edition "LX Gold" was introduced. It was 18 carat gold plated with brown leather (also-called lizard skin or snake skin) and was equipped with an SMC Pentax f/1.2 50mm lens also with brown leather and gold finish. copy and pasted from here 


Proenza Schouler


Blouse Lucette´s, Gold choker necklace Lindex, Silver Tribal bracelat Onward, Leather Cognac satchel Zara, Blazer Topshop, Inka Pants Vila.

23 February, 2011


Paul Poiret 1914 reflected in Valentino Couture Spring 2011 Model Daphne Groeneveld

Paul Poiret, French couturier, the most fashionable dress designer of pre-World War I Paris. Poiret was particularly noted for his Neoclassical and Orientalist styles, for advocating the replacement of the corset with the brassiere, and for the introduction of the hobble skirt, a vertical, tight-bottomed style that confined women to mincing steps. “I freed the bust,” boasted Poiret, “and I shackled the legs.”  text copy and pasted from here

 (born April 20, 1879, Paris, France—died April 30, 1944, Paris), 


I will be posting this every week, fashion is connected threw time and it´s inspirational to see in what way.

21 February, 2011

F for Fashion

Gisele Bundchen by Patrick Demarchelier Vogue China jan 2011, Givenchy SS 11 Clutch

18 February, 2011




17 February, 2011


 Color inspiration from

Yigal Azrouël

I have a lot of beiges and shades of pink in my closet, as you all know, the nudes. And I didn´t want to banned them so I think that this is a beautiful solution, just add some jade green. And you´ll get a whole new vibe. I´m liking it for real.. I will be posting more pictures of Fashion combined with inspirational Architecture and Nature every week.

15 February, 2011

Thakoon Fall Winter 2011/2012 Full Fashion Show

Some Pre Fall ´11 looks...

12 February, 2011

München: Dear,

I have a question. Who does the styling for VIVA? Today I´m watching the charts and it strucked me again how it could be that Palina Rojinksi´s outfit is styled? She has orange hair, thats cool, but the orange hairband, the orange blouse, the gypsy bracelets plus earrings and last but not least the orange cheeks, is exaggerated. I mean come on. I had to check twice just to see if it´s for real. And could Ms. Fernandes wear her cognac pumps just ones a week? Don´t get me wrong I´m a huge fan of Viva, that´s why it irritates me so much. Viva stands for the spot where you can find the hottest new tracks, could this please also mean for fashion. I´m sorry for my boldness but I just had to speak my mind.

Thank you for reading,



If you´re looking for a good Fashion Stylist I can hook you up!


10 February, 2011

Museum visit: Night at the Pinathek

Pinathek der Moderne München

Converse ♥ Marimekko

Arts de SOYL: Leo Coat


09 February, 2011

A bottle of rum

Marienburg..this village is known for there  sugar and rum...

We were driving threw New Amsterdam and suddenly we passed this old sugar mill factory and decided to stop and take a look. I took some photo´s , the place looked abandoned but peaceful. An old Javaan man came towards us and asked if he could guide us threw the ruines of Marienburg. His name is Tecket and he began to tell about the history of this ones so succesfull business now just another memory of the past.

It all started when Marienburg was a colony of England, in the late 1800s, workers were needed and the Dutch struck up an accord with the British to bring people from India over to work on the sugar plantations in Suriname (Marienburg). The hindu resisted from day one. And the situation got out of hand when the manager got his hands on several hindu women. The first strike was a fact and the Dutch military came over to `resolve`the issue.
Resulting in to a massacre of 24 and more people. Dedicated to them there is a monument in the middle of the plantation. This sturr up the fire and more and more strikes came. Till the situation couldn´t be handled the Hindu were set free. But Marienburg still needed to bring up cash so the Dutch colonists decided to bring over people from Java (Indonesia). The first 94 Javanese set foot in Suriname in August 1890. They were housed and put to work on the Marienburg plantation. These people were not slaves but contract workers although there wasn't much difference really. The men got 40 cents per day and the women 60cents.
Tecket, our guide was telling that they had a Ok life because they also got a piece of ground were they could do theire vegetation of rice and vegetables.
Under this system Marienburg became a very high profit business, with products like sugar, melasse and rum. The rum was of such a high quality that it won a price in Paris. It is known as one of the strongest liquers in the world with a alcohol percentage of 90, for export it is lowered to 81%. I ammediatly asked if they still sell Marienburg Rum. And yes there is a company that still produces rum under the name but it is not the authentic one. Schade...
In 1998 the company closed and all company buildings were dismantled. With this, the existence of the last sugar processing company in Suriname had come to an end. The Dutch sold the old mill for one gulden (that´s like one dollar) to the Javaan people as a symbol. The ground they live on and the 25 hectare ground where the mill is located is still property of a foundation in the Netherlands.

What a story! When we left the plantation I was totally silenced it took a while to recap. Suriname has such a history and it´s always good to know where you are from for knowing where you want to go.We gave Tecket a bottle of water as a symbol of redemption and a big thank you for the guidance.

All the parts came by boat from Amsterdam

Mom & Tecket


Make me smile... My dear friend Charona had her photoshoot yesterday and she was really feeling this one..and rocked it.. Love the soft colors and the mood..plz let spring arrive soon... Necklace Forever21, Silk Blouse Zara, Jeans Miss60, Ring Forever21..

08 February, 2011

Ultimate Biker Jacket

Burberry Prorsum

Which one do you prefer..

This one is a trench oh so sophisticated and edgy..
Find online at  luisaviaroma

Jourdan Dunn for Burberry

With Sacha M'Baye shot by Mario Testino... wearing two beautiful jackets of the collection. First a leather biker and the second a short trench belted jacket.
Campaing image Spring Summer 2011
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