15 December, 2010

A Jersey or a Skirt... Inspiration aujourd'hui...

 You`ve maybe noticed that we are rookies when it comes to the whole blogging thing and ..luving it... definitely so far!! In my search for fellow bloggers I stumbled on the blog of AfterDRK. I was amazed by her style and found a picture of  Bodkin lookbook SS 2011 .....

The skirt on the left with the soft colors definitely caught my eye and I noticed that it look a bit like a sweater but then upside down you know.. do you see it... Well  I immediatly had a image in my head and I began to visualise...What if I took a sweater of my boyfriend and put it on like a skirt?!?!? WTF was the first thing my boyfriend said.. that always translate to `Oh WoW` in my head and I went on with my plan....

Inspired by the photo I also used soft colored items only I like it when there is a contrast in the outfit so as for the top I took a different fabric, my silk vest of Zara.. and Voilà... I don´t know how to call the item I re-created but uhm ...I like it! What do you think..... I will definitely explore this style some more so ...stay tuned..

Silk Vest Zara
Zip Sweater Zara Man
Flower Chrysanthemum a.k.a Spider Mum

Thank you afterDRK ..


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