16 April, 2014

Next Chapter: Hard Bitten X SOYL Shop-in-Shop

It's official SOYL is in stores. The shop is called Hard Bitten & the Others in Almere, NL. Half of the store is a skater shop with skateramp and the other half is for the shop-in-shops. Pretty damn cool.
With a space of 1000  full of that good stuff, it's a true Walhalla for vintage lovers, stylesetters and skater boys.
I'm very happy to join the crew. Check out the rest of the store with brands like Jutka&Riska, Lady Lucy, No Robot, the Cuckoos Nest, Brixton and many more.

Love Soraya

04 April, 2014

Next Chapter: SOYL studio atelier

I'm over the moon excited, ecstatic, thrilled, crazy in love.. hmm and so much more... I have my own workshop, my own shit. No one can disturb me, silence all around. Just me and my creative energy. 
But no one is happier than my boyfriend who has lived with my chaotic way of creating for a while now. If you could see him, carrying my stuff around with a big smile and making suggestions for the interior. Unrecognizable I can tell you that. Haha but seriously sometimes you don't know the impact of a change. I thought I was doing just fine at home and I didn't needed a workshop.
And as I took my first step in the atelier, a relieve came over me and I knew this was the right decision. The thought of doing whatever comes to the creative mind is just liberating.

To be Continued...

Flowers of the Albert Cuijp market. I've selected these flowers based on color, the texture but most importantly the scent. My favorite flower is the one with the very small flowers on the stem, the Genista flower. It's a funny plant when you see it, just an ordinary bush with flowers so small you don't even notice them. But one stem in a vase brings a different story of the intricate little flowers. And the scent is so soft and lovely. A huge contrast to the Hyacinths, the pink colored thicker flowers, with their heavier fragrance. These flowers are the perfect natural perfume selection for the atelier.

Love Soraya

02 April, 2014

Style Cravings: The Altuzarra Mule

Remember the mule shoe? Well they are here to stay and thank you Altuzarra for giving them a über feminine modern touch.
I have to say that with his prices beginning at 750 euros it's not for my budget. But ZARA has a couple of cheaper versions in the new collection.
Let's see...

*sigh*...I don't know man... it's not even close two totally different styles... one is elegant the other more robust and casual...

My love goes to the Altuzarra's... one day we shall meet.

What do you think of the mule shoe, would you rock it or leave it back in the '90s?

You can find the collection at theline shop plus an interview with designer Joseph Altuzarra

Love Soraya

Source: TheLine & ZARA

31 March, 2014

Beauty Aspects: Sweet like candy glitter ombre nail art

Sweet like candy glitter ombre nail art tutorial

Nail polishes from Primark

First up your base coat color

Now you can put the second color in a thin line on your nail tips.
Finger 3, use a dry small brush to brush the polish upwards. Don't worry about the rough surface.
Finger 4, Put a second line of the color on your nail tips.
And then finger 5, Put on a thick layer of top coat.
This will blend the colors together to create a cute ombre effect. 
For best results repeat this process one nail at a time.

Et Voilà,
you're done.

Have FUN!

Love Soraya

26 March, 2014

New stuff: The SOYL Hunters collection

Just finished these new designs of The Hunters collection and I couldn't wait to show them to you guys. New editions on the body jewelry department are the silver bodychain and boho headband. Definitely turned out how I wanted, power pieces.

...To be continued...

22 March, 2014

Beauty Aspects: Inspirational Spring make-up looks by Paige Reifier, Lupita Nyong'o and Shu Pei

Paige Reifier for ELLE Vietnam, Lupita Nyong'o for ESSENCE magazine and Shu Pei for GLOW Canada.

Love these beauty editorials with the pastels and bright colors definitely inspiration for a fresh spring make up look. I have to be honest though since the inspiration post of last year I still have my usual brown and gold tones.
Buttttt 2014 is a year of changing my habits so I will definitely try this and show it here on the blog.
What do you think, will you go for some more color in your make up bag?

Love Soraya
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