10 October, 2015

My Style: New in backpack

Hey Loves,

It has been a while but Ive been busy with new designs and retailers.
SOYL jewelry will be in stores. So stay tuned for more details.
But first, I received this cool bag from an online webshop with so many different bags for all kind of occasions. I've was searching for a backpack like this to match my all black wardrobe. Love the different materials, the fur with the metallic black look.
Can't wait to style it for an outfitpost.

Keep you updated.

Love Soraya

Mipac schooltassen

SOYL jewelry

25 July, 2015

Preview: SOYL Body Chains

So today I had a super fun shoot with my girl Nur. I finished the SOYL body chain designs and can't wait to see what you think about it! Will keep you posted...

Love Soraya

23 July, 2015

What Im working on: Body Chains


It's pretty nice weather here in NL and I finally took the time to begin with the body chain design. This is my first one and I kept it simple. I'm going to call her Pleiades like the star cluster. I want to make a few more designs and then tomorrow the shoot with my girl Nur. So hopefully by the weekend I got them online.
Keep you posted!

Love Soraya

12 July, 2015

Oh hey You

The other day I met up with my girl Soeraija to contemplate on the future of SOYL. It all started with this blog and a dream of one day having my own brand of creations. For a while I have been feeling like I'm at a crossroad, like it's a do or die moment. I felt an immense pressure to succeed and instead of pushing me forward it left me feeling tired and stressed out. There was no joy in what I was doing so I decided to take a breather. I went of the grid for a year only to return fresh and motivated. I'm back (never really left cuz you know I've been incognito online) and with a new mind-set. It's not about grinding your ass off or hustling till you can't even recognise yourself in the mirror. And then brag about how you have no social life because you're so busy getting your hustle on. Nope its about following your life rhythm and keeping the balance between work and fun. Because without you there is no dream and then what will become of the dreamer?

I feel like the time is now to take SOYL to the next step. And thankfully I met a lot of great people in the last year who have motivated and encouraged me to keep on going. I feel like I'm getting one step closer to my dream at my own pace.

Love Soraya 

Yeah I'm in my own lane, run my own pace 
Chasing nobody marathon but my own race
I do it for the bay area Yeah that's home base 
They try to run next to us but there ain't no space

Pics taken in this cute little town called Haarlem

New designs, also the one that I'm wearing, now in the shop.

04 January, 2015

Lazy Sunday

14 July, 2014

New collection: The Nomads Headchains & Bodychains

Headchain Nur Jahan

The Nomads headband

Bodychain Desert Bird

Bodychain Vashti

Headchain Vashti

Lovely Emily posed the hell out of the Nomad collection featuring different Headchain & Bodychain designs. I got inspired by the Persian queens and wonderered how they would look like if they lived incognito among us.
Mad relax and easy with a glimps of their heritage.

Love Soraya

Hey Loves

It has been quiet around the SOYL blog but for a good reason. Festival season has started in NL which means all-nighters making jewellery and meeting a lot of new people. I'm now half way so perfect time to finally write something down and show you the new collection.



31 May, 2014

Beauty Aspects: DIY Protein Hair Treatments Avocado Mayonnaise and Honey Yoghurt Mask

A delicious two cours meal for your hair perfect for a sunday morning. 

Whip it up in less then 10 minutes, sit back and relax.


I've seen a lot of these recipes around the web. Thanks to my new natural look I'm all for keeping my hair in a healthy state and I couldn't resist to try these out. I believe in stripping all that feels like to much and going back to the essentials. This goes also for what I eat and what I put on my skin or hair.
So as promised the DIY hair recipes made out of nutritious foodies you probably have laying around in your refrigerator.

Deep Protein Advocado-Banana-Egg Treatment

Leave-in time max 45 min

half Avocado - 1 banana - 1 egg - 2 tablespoons of olive oil
Double the amount for medium long to long hair.

You will also need a blender or smoothie mixer.
A steamer would be great but not necessary.


Mix up the ingredients untill it's a smooth paste like mayonnaise.
Section your hair in 4 parts and apply the mayonaise section for section.
When applying massage the mixture into hair and scalp.
Add steam for 10 minutes to inhance this protein treatment for.
I've used my garment steamer but if you don't have one here are a couple of options:
- An extra long warm shower
- Microwave a wet towel and wrap it around your head
- Put a plastic cap on your head and let your body heat create a natural sauna for your hair.

Note: The mayonnaise needs to remain wet, as soon as it starts to dry, it's time to rinse it out.

Nutritional benefits for your hair

 Rich in vitamins, proteins including A,D, E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron

-Nourishing for dry, brittle hair.
-A deep conditioner
- A Revitalizer for damaged hair
- Ads shine and softness to your hair
Contains natural sugars, fibers, potassium, iron, B Vitamins including B6 and B12

-Increases the moisture of your hair
-Smoothens out the frizz
-Promotes natural elasticity and doing so helps preventing breakage and split ends
-Controlls daindruff and an itchy scalp
High on protein with fatty acids and vitamins like A, D and E

-Strenghtens the hair follicles 
-Helps to prevent dry and brittle hair
-Thickens your hair
-Smoothens out your hair making it more manageable

Olive oil 
(Extra virgin is the best)
Contains fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E, vitamin A

-Natural moisterizer to help cure an itchy, flaky scalp
-Coats the hair shaft sealing all the good stuff inside.
- Restores dry and dull looking hair
-Adds shine

The steam

The steam will act like a quick medium to deep condition your hair. Because of the heat the follicles on the hair will open up like the tiles of a roof on a house  and allow the mayonaise to reach the cortex of your hair.
And it adds of course instant moisture to your hair and scalp.

My review

The texture of the Avocado smoothie feels lovely as I pour it on my hair. I thought I would smell the raw eggs but the banana took it over.. After I steamed my hair I could easily run my hand through and under the warm shower the mixture just quickly washed away. As I dried my hair it seemed like the treatment weightened my hair a bit, not greasy but more like a coating on my hair. I like the feeling because my hair has the tendency to frizz up. 
Over all the results are the seem as the store bought Hair mayonnaise I use from Olive Oil, which is great. Because this is cheaper and I'm aware of the ingredients.
My hair looks shiny and feels so soft. So thumps up!

Nourishing Honey and Yoghurt Hair Mask

Leave-in for 10 to 15 minutes


3 big scoops of (Greek) yoghurt & 3 tablespoones of Honey
Double the amount for medium to long hair.

A plastic cap or plastic foil.

Mix up the ingredients and add the mix to your hair.
When finished you can add some extra honey to your strands.
Twist your hair up and wrap it in plastic foil.
Wash out with a soft shampoo or better a conditioner.

Nurtrificial benefits

Protein-rich food containing zinc and lactic acid

-Helps the blood circulation on your scalp which stimulates the growth
-Helps gain and retain lost moisture
-Leaves your hair shiney and smooth
-Gets rid off split ends and hair fall

Nutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin C, B and magnesium

- Humectant; attrects moisture from the air around and retains it in the hair
-Antibacterial, helps to keep the scalp clean and becteria free
-Softens and smoothens the hair
- Prevents hair loss

My review

The cool feeling of the yoghurt on my hair is refreshing after the warm steamy treatment. My hair immediatly reacted to the temperature change. The follicles closed again and my hair felt so smooth. My enthuasism lasted for about 6 min cause by then the yoghurt started to melt. And the mix just dripped down my face leaving it all sticky and milky. I immediatly began to search for the plastic foil to wrap my head.. but by that time it was to late....I looked like a melted ice cream.
Under the shower the second discomfort rose up literally, the warm milky smell of the yoghurt Oh my god I thought I was going to pass out in my shower.
As a maniac I reached out to find my conditioner and poured it over my head.
When dried I saw that the curls were a bit more defined and the shine was a pleasant surprise.

So, will I do it again?

Yes and No.
Over all I had some reservations for trying these treatments. For one the smell, of especially the raw egg, second the texture, I was worried about bits of food in my hair, and lastly the hassle, it felt like all a bit to much.
But now that I have tried it I can say that the hesitations are all proven to be unnecessary. 
Except for the Honey Yoghurt treatment. I can still smell the warm yoghurt in the bathroom.

The hair results are pretty good for what I've seen and it's refreshing to exually be aware of the stuff I put in my hair.I will definitely use the Hair Mayonaise in my hair regimen. And loved the honey, so I will try to find another treatment featuring the honey. Also the warm vs cold treatment method seems to be affective.

Hope you liked the DIY's.
Have you tried nutritional foods for your hair before?
What were your experiences?

Love Soraya
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